Best Front End Technology

What do you see when you open a browser and enter the URL in the address bar? A set of intuitive, lucidly constructed pages and hypnotizing visuals.

Well, these are what we refer to as ‘websites’ in layman language.

What we get to see on the websites is known as the ‘frontend’ in the technological jargon.

Web developers are the wizards who create magic on websites using new technologies in front-end development such as frameworks, tools, and libraries. 

Every couple of weeks, a new version of some technology or programming language is released. Each one is better than its predecessor and offers new features and improvements. 

In this blog, we will take a closer look at exploring the top front end development technologies. This helps businesses to intensify their user experiences.

Angular JS

It is one of the most widely used front-end development tools. As it’s a Google Product, the versatility in its versions is huge. The Javascript-based open-source front-end web development framework is managed by a dedicated community of developers. The Javascript framework is powerful and efficient to create a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and also assists every developer to build a client-side application in the most intelligible MVC (Model View Controller) view. This framework has been rated as 4.6/5 by many well-known development firms. 

React JS

It is the most popular Javascript library that helps you build exquisite user interfaces and rich web apps. Well-known for its simplicity, scalability and utmost speed, React JS is managed by a community of developers from Facebook and Instagram. According to recent research on Google trends, the popularity of React Js is due to its extra flexibility that assists in the construction of machine-reading codes and compounding of components into a single-time verifiable file. 

Ember JS

It is an open-source Javascript web framework that requires less coding and updates the underlying changes automatically. The framework is based on the Model-view-view-Model (MVVM) pattern that assists every developer to build an elegant and scalable single-page web application. It combines multiple modern JS concepts and other technologies into a single bunch of APIs. Originally meant for web development, you can also use it to create user-friendly mobile applications. One of the striking highlights is the two-way data binding feature, which improvises the performance of complex UIs.


Bootstrap needs no introduction. GitHub’s second most starred project, with more than 123,000 stars, it’s one of the most popular, open-source libraries meant for designing intuitive and powerful cross-browser compatible apps. You will find an HTML and CSS based design template for interface components, navigations, and typographies. It also consists of several tools and extensions such as jQuery UI Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile Bootstrap theme, BootSwatchr, and much more. Since the Bootstrap framework is known for its customization, it has dozens of CSS frameworks to develop a website design and to support popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Due to its extreme popularity and performance, Bootstrap thrived its favorites from 800% to 1,000% in recent years.

Vue JS

Vue JS is a simple framework backed by a powerful library to build modern Web interfaces. This open-source framework is known for its integration into projects that completely use other known JS libraries. It comes with the potential to power advanced single-page applications. Since it’s been designed for functioning as a web application framework, its adaptable architecture is focused on web UI development ideas such as declarative, components, time-travel debugging, etc. Thus, the core libraries work on handling complex applications, lightweight in nature and are easy to learn.

Knockout JS

A solid open-source Javascript that works with any sort of web framework, this standalone JS is a Model-view-View-Model pattern implementation that consists of several templates. The JS library provides assistance in developing rich and responsive displays with an editor user interface. This provides a clear underlying data model and automatically updates the UI parts whenever the data model changes. Its other versatile features are declarative bindings and implementation of custom behaviors to reusable codes.


With so many front end frameworks in the market, picking the best amongst them will be a task in itself. But remember, every technology has its pros and cons. You need to think about the specific project requirements when finalizing any technology. You can also consult a good IT firm for further advice. Things will be clearer. All the best. 


We are more than Seven billion individuals in the world. Envision if each one of us is devoted to carrying out a single thing — regardless of how little — to safeguard animals every single day. Even small steps will surely have a significant effect once we all come together.

Many big and small businesses are starting to contribute what they can to this cause. Businesses like PIK entertainment,, are reducing their carbon footprints to help lessen pollutants that harm our wildlife. At the same time, they contribute a small amount of funding to help maintain and support volunteer groups across the globe.

Listed below are methods for you to make a positive change:

Nine Feasible Ways To Help Save Our Endangered Wildlife To Help Preserve Our Tomorrow

  • Representational adoptions help finance agencies. From wildlife to wild sites, there is a choice for everybody. Meet with friends to adopt a wild animal coming from wildlife preservation organizations.
  • Numerous agencies and also zoos have got volunteer applications. In case you do not have the cash to offer, contribute your time and effort. You are able to help fresh seashores, save wildlife or even educate guests.
  • Visit awesome animals in close proximity. Visit zoos, safari parks, aquariums, recreational areas, and wild animals refuges are home to wildlife. Find out more about the different animals that roam our planet.
  • When visiting local zoos and other wildlife reserves, the suggested entrance fee to pay is donations that help maintain the facility which is important for conservation areas.
  • Promote your enthusiasm for wildlife preservation along with your friends and family. Inform people in which way they can assist. Request everybody you know to make a pledge to try and do whatever they could to prevent the trafficking of wildlife.
  • By not buying items produced from endangered wildlife or even their parts, it is possible to end wildlife trafficking. Let’s NOT help make wildlife trafficking profitable.
  • Garbage is not only unsightly, but it is also dangerous. Wild birds along with other creatures can easily trap their own heads within plastic bands. Fish could possibly get trapped inside nets. In addition, garbage pollutes and destroys our natural sources. Make it a point to place your garbage in the best place possible.
  • Discover innovative ways to utilize things that you already have. Should you be unable to use it again, find a way to recycle. The Zoo in Minnesota motivates customers to recycle mobile phone devices to lessen the need for raw materials such as coltan These specific minerals are being sourced from lowland homelands of the gorillas. ’ habitats.
  • Habitat devastation is the major danger to 85 % of all endangered and vulnerable species, based on the Worldwide Union for Preservation of Mother nature. You are able to lessen this particular danger by growing indigenous trees and shrubs, repairing wetlands or even cleaning seashores close to you.

Stay informed all the time. Support any organizations that help preserve our wildlife for a better tomorrow.

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