painters painting house exterior

I had some painters come out and paint my house the other day.

And, well, you know me.

I love figuring out how a group of people come together to accomplish a business task.

So they came over in several large trucks.

Each had different sets of paint gear.

One truck had all the ladders.

Another had all the paint.

Another had all the painters that were going to paint my house.

So the first thing I noticed was that the first step in a successful paint company team is transporting equipment and personnel successfully to the job site.

They didn’t mix the paint with the equipment.

They didn’t have the team members drive themselves to the job site.

This makes sense right?

I mean, what if the equipment damaged the paint.

What if a team member broke down in their private vehicle?

The next thing I notice them splitting up into tasks.

One guy started cleaning surfaces that were going to be painted.

Another started covering surfaces that were not going to be painted.

Another started covering the ground while another started distributing the paint to different parts of the house

So basically this step in the process was prepping the paint job.

Next I saw them break up into pairs.

One guy would be up close applying the paint while the other would stand back observing and giving commands.

The observer would also get anything the painter would need so he could just keep painting.

I call this step pair painting.

Before you know it these guys had successfully painted my entire house in only a few hours!

I was simply amazed at the speed and quality of the work.

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